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Amazon Luna March 2023 games

Amazon has announced their new additions to Amazon Luna for March 2023. As we’ve sadly grown accustomed to, just two games join the service next month. In contrast, more will be leaving. This will shrink the service yet again. On the first month of the day, three new games will rotate into the Prime Gaming Channel. Keep reading for what to expect from Amazon Luna in March.

Two new games + Prime gaming channel changes

Even though only two games are to be expected, they are great titles. Both have been well received indie titles worth your while. First up is Guacamelee! 2. This sequel to Guacamelee!, which is already on Amazon Luna, has players return as luchador Juan Aguacate as he uppercuts his way to victory across stunning new hand-crafted levels. Next up is Citizen Sleeper. Citizen Sleeper is a narrative RPG set on Erlin’s Eye, a ruined space station that is home to thousands of people trying to survive on the edges of an interstellar capitalist society. Players are sleepers, a digitized human consciousness in an artificial body, owned by a corporation. In Citizen Sleeper players must build friendships, earn their keep, and navigate the factions of the strange metropolis in hopes to survive the next cycle.

Additionally, three new games will be rotated into the Prime Gaming channel. Members of Amazon Prime can play these three games for free, starting March 1st:

Games will be leaving, again

Sadly, some games will leave in March, thinning out the catalogue even more. The following games will leave Amazon Luna. Titles in bold are now unavailable for cloud gaming.

That was it for the Amazon Luna March 2023 games. Stay tuned.