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Xbox Game Pass January 2023 Games Part 2

For a while there, it was starting to look like January would be a slow month for Xbox Cloud Gaming once again, with only a few additions to Xbox Game Pass. However, after last nights Xbox Developer Direct, news has arrived. More games are coming in January, stretching into next month, with one game playable right now! Read on for Xbox Game Pass January 2023 Games Part 2.

Going out with a bang

A good number of games will be added including a returning title. They are all from highly popular series, so let’s dive straight into them.

The first game to be added is a complete surprise. Hi-Fi Rush was announced during the showcase last night and immediatly made available. In this Rhythmic action game from Bethesda, you’re on your way to become a rockstar saving the day.

Tomorrow sees the arrival of all-time classic Goldeneye 007. Initially released on the Nintendo 64, it was based on the popular Bond movie however quickly accumulated cult status. It was a ground breaking first person shooter at the time. It is now remastered for younger generations to enjoy.

The final day of the month sees some very popular games arriving on GamePass, including a much anticipated cloud gaming release for Age of Empires II. It was supposed to come with Keyboard and Mouse support, but that’s not looking likely. Either way, time to enjoy this classic. Additionally, Inkulinati releases that day with a day one release on Xbox Game Pass and we’ll be able to experience JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure All-Star Battle R. The latter should definetly please anime fans.

On February 2 a rare occurence happens. Darkest Dungeon returns to Xbox Game Pass and also to cloud gaming as a whole. It has been removed from Xbox Game Pass a few months ago but will return soon. Joining it will be Grid Legends, the latest installment in the popular Grid racing series. And finally, on February 7th we’ll get Hot Wheels Unleashed, after it was suddenly cancelled earlier.

Games leaving January 31th

So what do we have to give up in return for all those games? Not much, only three games! A good deal, since only one becomes unavailable through cloud gaming. Here’s the games leaving January 31th.

That was it for Xbox Game Pass January 2023 Games Part 2.