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Welcome to the CGC Update for Week 39 of 2022. One of the craziest weeks in cloud gaming. Earlier this week, Google has announced the shutdown of Stadia, despite releasing and announcing new games for the platform. Changes are still added to the weekly update, but bear in mind games cannot be purchased anymore. This week covers all the changes from the past two weeks. Enjoy!

The CGC Update is a weekly post summarizing the following:

  • New playable games on various cloud services
  • New game announcements for the various cloud services
  • Games that left various cloud services

New Playable Games

In what could have been one of cloud gaming’s best weeks, with the addition of FIFA 23 to Stadia, this quickly turned around when Google announced the shutdown of Stadia. It’s still been a pretty good week overall for the other cloud gaming platforms out there. Enjoy the newest additions to cloud gaming. New games for cloud gaming are shown in bold. You can find the list below:

New Game Announcements

Not many new games have been announced. Only five. Ironically, one of them was for Google Stadia. Read on below for what to expect. Titles in bold are new to cloud gaming.

Games that left cloud gaming services

The end of the month always means some games are leaving GamePass. Read on for the games which left this week. Titles in bold are now unavailable through cloud gaming.

That was the CGC Update for Week 39 of 2022. The next update will be in two weeks, due to a vacation! Follow us on Twitter to stay up to date.