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Since launching the Cloud Gaming Catalogue in april, we’ve improved upon the database progressively. There are now more search options available. New methods of search, attributes and tags have been added to narrow down your search. Today we’ve finalized two more ways of searching for your favorite cloud based games. Based on a game’s setting and an Open World tag.

Setting: Every game now has a setting attribute defined on it’s profile. For example, a game can have a setting based on medieval times, high fantasy, cyberpunk and so on. If you’ve just come of Ghost of Tsushima and want to keep going for the Feudal Japan vibe, you can now search for other games based on that setting. This way, you can further personalize your search. Check it out by going to the Cloud Gaming Catalogue and adjust the filters on the side!

Open World: When looking for new games to play, a question that often comes by is which games offer an open world to explore. Games that meet this criteria now have an ‘Open World’ tag. You can select it through the filters in the Cloud Gaming Catalogue if you’re looking for open world games specifically. Check out the Open World offering here.