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The Stadia Pro games for May 2022 are now available and the cloud gaming catalogue has been updated accordingly. Stadia Pro is an optional subscription for Google Stadia which allows you to stream in 4K quality, enables dolby surround and gives additional discounts on sales.

Additionally, it allows you to claim a set amount of games for your own catalogue. Once claimed, a game is always available as long as your subscription is active. If your subscription lapses and you resubscribe later, your games will still be there. Much like PlayStation Plus and Xbox Games With Gold. Each month new games get added and removed from the available selection.

New games added

Some excellent titles are now available as part of Stadia Pro. With Outriders, the subscription adds the AAA game which had a rough start but has been polished into a true gem. A great game to play co-op with friends. Kaze and the Wild Masks brings players back towards the golden age of platforming. Lumote is an indie game which is available since just last week. And the Paw Patrol game caters to the youngest target audience. The Stadia Pro games for May 2022 are:

Games that left

Additionally, five games have left Stadia Pro, decreasing the size of the Stadia Pro catalogue by one. Usually it’s the other way around. The games can still be purchased on Stadia, if you haven’t claimed them or if you want to keep playing them without a subscription. And if you’ve already claimed them, it means you can keep playing them whenever your subscription is active. The games that left are: