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Three new tags have been added to the Cloud Gaming Catalogue! A tag for Cross-Play, Free To Play and Kid Friendly games have been added to the appropriate game pages.

Additionally, while searching or browsing through the Cloud Gaming Catalogue, you can now filter based on these tags. Using the filter menu on the left (Desktop) or Filter button (Mobile), you’ll find checkboxes to enable filters based on one or more of these tags. Below you’ll find a small explanation of the tags.

Cross-Play: The Cross-Play tag is used on games which allow you to play multiplayer games with players on other platforms. The platform which benefits most from this is Stadia, due to the low playerbase. You can check out the list by clicking here.

Free To Play: The Free To Play tag is used on games which are Free To Play, meaning no purchase is need to play the game. Note this Tag only applies to games available on GeForce Now and Stadia. The reason for this is these platforms are the only two platforms which can be used for free. Requiring a subscription in order to play Free To Play games makes the tag void. You can find the list right here.

Kid Friendly: Last but not least, the Kid Friendly tag. These are games very suited for small children. A great tag to use for all parents out there that want to explore some games with their children. With up to 82 games being tagged as of writing, Cloud Gaming makes gaming very accessible to parents. Check out the list right here.

Cross-Play, Free To Play and Kid Friendly tags now added