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After a lot of work, the Cloud Gaming Catalogue is now live and up to date. With the emergence of cloud gaming, more and more games are available to play from any device of your choosing. It can be difficult to keep track of which games are available on any given platform. The Cloud Gaming Catalogue combines the games available on Amazon Luna, GeForce Now, PlayStation Now, Stadia and Xbox Cloud Gaming into one massive catalogue. You’ll be able to search and filter on various attributes such as name, genre, multiplayer modes and more. Check it out right here!

Some examples where it might help:

  • You want to find games in a specific genre, such as Turn Based RPG’s or less known genre’s such as detective games or metroidvania games
  • You want to find local co-op games to play with your friends
  • You want to know whether a specific game is available through cloud gaming, such as Elden Ring (Spoiler: Not yet)
  • You simply want to see the entire catalogue for a specific platform

Every(!) game page offers the following:

  • A game description describing what the game is about
  • Genre
  • Multiplayer modes (Local or Online Co-Op or Versus)
  • Max players
  • Developer and Publisher
  • Initial release year (Not on the cloud platform, but first time it was released)
  • Platforms where a game is, was or will be available
  • Trailers! So you can decide what to play based on gameplay

And that’s not all. This is just the start. Many more features are planned for the coming months. Feedback is always appreciated! If you have any suggestions or spot any mistakes, be sure to e-mail