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Temtem Showdown

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Turn Based RPG



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Humble Games

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Amazon Luna




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PlayStation Plus Premium


Utomik Cloud


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Game description

Jump right into Temtem competitive action in this free multiplayer battle simulator! Build your team in seconds and dash into ranked matches with players from all over the world for pure, no-frills Temtem battling action—no leveling or taming required!

Temtem Showdown takes the best Temtem competitive action and places it within immediate reach for everyone! Get to know the colorful critters from the massively multiplayer creature-collection adventure, build your team in seconds, and dash into battle to test it out against other players and their teams—or carefully curate a plan of action to overpower your opponents.


  • Accessible, fast, and free: All you need to start battling is right here, and creating a team takes just a few minutes. No previous copy of Temtem required!
  • Enjoy battles with no hassles: Build your team from scratch and select every detail to your liking—no need to tame or level!
  • Play ranked matches against players of any skill level: climb the ladder, improve your skill, and measure yourself against both new players and competitive aces from Temtem and Temtem Showdown.
  • Take part in community-run tournaments and the TemCS: the official Temtem esports circuit with huge prizes.
  • Practice against friends in casual friendly matches to test your team, try out new strategies, and, of course, earn bragging rights.
  • Enjoy a balanced and diverse meta, enhanced by regular balance patches that keep things spicy. With a new Season every few months, you’ll never stop having new combinations to play with.
  • Experience Temtem’s signature 2v2 battle system, featuring an action-packed presentation style and highly strategic battles without any RNG factor.
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