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Post Trauma

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Horror, Third Person Shooter


Modern Day

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Red Soul Games


Raw Fury

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Amazon Luna




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Utomik Cloud


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Game description

Post Trauma is a horror game inspired by genre-defining classics of the past decades.
Step into the shoes of Roman, a middle-aged train conductor who finds himself trapped in a terrifying and twisted reality.
Explore the unknown, solve mysteries, and try to survive the unspeakable horrors that lurk in these threatening surroundings.
Will you uncover the truth and find a way back to your family?

Find a way back home.

In Post Trauma, you will experience the story of Roman, a tormented train conductor trapped in a hellscape of horror.
Escaping this nightmare won’t be an easy task, as unexpected encounters and mind-bending mysteries await in this surreal world.

Solve mysteries in a surreal dimension.

To find his way out of this twisted world, Roman will explore several unique locations that blend real-life and organic architecture in an uncanny and disturbing way.
Patience and careful thinking will be key to solving the many puzzles and challenges concealing precious tools and items needed to progress.

Survive your fears and the many dangers lurking around you.

While true horror is often the product of one’s own fears and imagination, there is also real danger lurking around.
In a dimension where many things are left unexplained, Roman might need to resort to violence to survive the horrors that are in his way.

A unique journey fueled by passion and talent.

Created from a strong love of horror games and powered by Unreal Engine 5, Post Trauma blends fixed camera angles with stunning modern graphics to achieve a truly cinematic and unsettling horrific experience.
The ambiance and thrills of the game are further enhanced by a captivating audio landscape, thanks to the unique and hypnotic score

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