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Modern Day

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Crinkle Cut Games



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Amazon Luna




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Game description

Manage your own supermarket! Organize and restock your shelves, check customers out, make local trade deals, and befriend a quirky cast of characters. Start a new life as a local entrepreneur in this cozy management sim Discounty!

Use every tool at your disposal to build up a business empire, but be warned: too much growth might upset your fellow villagers. Will you pursue unlimited profits at others’ expense, or can you find a way to help everyone?

Your aunt summons you to Blomkest, a run-down harbor town with a dwindling population, and puts you in charge of its only grocery store. Salvage the local Discounty branch and put Blomkest back on the map!

Key features

Every customer has a shopping list, and it’s your job to make sure everyone leaves the store satisfied. Each shopper has unique behaviors and preferences — do your best to keep them all happy!

Balance many tasks as a shopkeeper: keep your shelves stocked, floors clean, and storage room organized. And don’t forget to ring up customers in time, or they might get impatient and even leave! The more efficient you are, the more customers you’ll get — can you keep up with the chaos?

Organize your shop to be as eye-catching and efficient as possible! Rearrange shelves and products at any time to find the most efficient layout. Design your aisles well to help customers find what they need, and place decorations to entice them to buy a little bit extra.

Blomkestians don’t take particularly well to newcomers, but there are still quite a few producers and manufacturers left in town. Gain their trust, make trade deals, and sell local goods to make more profit!

Don’t neglect customer relations! Outside of store hours, you are free to explore the town and get to know its quirky residents. Build relationships with everyone in town and unravel the mystery of Blomkest’s past. Plus, making a few friends can’t be bad for business…

Don’t expect unlimited growth without some resistance! If you keep expanding, you might step on a few toes. Not all of your fellow villagers want you to succeed. Turns out, selling frozen fries isn’t going to heal the town on its own.

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