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Diesel Legacy: The Brazen Age

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Multiplayer Modes

Local Co-Op, Local Versus, Online Co-Op, Online Versus

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Modus Studios


Modus Games

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Game description

A cooperative fighting game?!

Diesel Legacy features 2v2 battles – four players divided into two teams, on the same stage, at the same time. This unique twist on the traditional 2D fighting game formula adds an entirely new layer of strategy where cooperation will become the key to success. Work with your teammate to extend combos, shut down the opposing team’s pressure, and secure the double knockout to win!

Three lanes. One battle.

Each stage features three lanes which players can freely move between at any time. Approach another player in your lane to attack or defend, hop to a different lane to recover, or dash behind an opponent to surprise them. Work with your teammate and utilize each character’s unique playstyle to control the action!

Introducing RealMatch – truly worldwide netplay!

RealMatch is rollback netcode redesigned from scratch with competitive fighting games in mind. Using proprietary adaptive rollback technology, RealMatch stabilizes and improves gameplay in all the worst online conditions, including transcontinental connections, high latency, and Wi-Fi, to keep your game running smooth as butter. Peace out to the past – the next era of online fighting games is here!

Other crazy new online features:

  • Start a meetup, invite friends, and play the entire game with drop-in co-op – story mode, arcade, versus, training, online…anything!
  • Choose a player to follow and spectate each match they play, automatically.
  • Unlimited spectators with no extra bandwidth impact.
  • Live match spectators have all replay features including hitboxes, frame data, and taking control of what just happened to prove you could do better!
  • Queue to play in ranked, casual, or both at once! Queue solo with a random teammate, together with an online buddy, or team up with your friend on the couch. Play multiple matches with the same teammate…as long as that honeymoon lasts…
  • Fight the AI or rematch while waiting for your next match – all gameplay, no menus!

Key Features

  • Determine the Fate of the Iron City – Lead 10 characters through their own unique story mode in an expansive dieselpunk-inspired universe. The battle for the future has reached its breaking point!
  • 2v2 Action Packed Brawls – Four players choose from a roster of 10 dynamic playable characters and battle it out simultaneously online or offline!
  • One Battle, Three Lanes – Run circles around your opponents across 10+ vividly detailed stages. Hop and dash between lanes to press the advantage and take the fight to a new dimension!
  • Down…Not Out! – Even when a player is defeated, their fight isn’t over. Parry attacks from beyond the grave, channel your essence to help them break free, and assist your teammate to overcome the odds!
  • Worldwide Netplay – 4-player online multiplayer battles featuring RealMatch rollback netcode ensures every match is virtually lag-free.
  • Comprehensive Training Mode – Level up your skills solo or with a partner! Practice combos, record or analyze situations, view hitboxes and frame data, and refine team strategy together using an extensive set of training tools tailored to players of all skill levels.
  • Advanced Replay System – Learn from your mistakes…and the mistakes of others! Play back matches with fast-forward, rewind, hitbox / frame data display and frame advance, plus take control at any point to redo the fight and change your fate.
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