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Arcadian Atlas

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Strategy RPG


High Fantasy

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Twin Otter Studios


Serenity Forge

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Amazon Luna




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Game description

Two lovers brought together by war, torn between the queen they’ve sworn fealty to and the charismatic princess who’s risen up to take back the throne. Civil war engulfs a kingdom as battle lines are drawn and swords unsheathed.

Amidst the conflict, a convergence of fate—a rogue magician seeking to unravel the land’s secrets meets a young girl, the second heir to the throne. With the power to create and destroy worlds in their hands, the two will fight to escape their past and become something more.

As the kingdom burns and powers more ancient than the soil resurface, stand your ground and fight for the fate of Arcadia!


You’ll need allies you can trust in this endless war. Recruit troops, customize their classes, and train your army to engage in deep tactical battles.

CAVALIER TREE – the powerhouse class, undaunted in battle with their heavy armors and sharpened swords. Cavaliers can upgrade to Inquisitors, turning enemies undead and crippling them with Holy attacks; or Ronins who can enter deadly trances and sacrifice control for huge bonuses on the battlefield.

WARMANCER TREE – magicians who have made pacts with creation’s most basic elements, Warmancers study the ways of searing flames, slowing ice, or unpredictable lightning to decimate foes. With enough training they can become Sorcerers, agents of chaos that take magic to wild extremes on the frontlines; or Druids who have learned to channel powerful natural forces and lay deadly magic traps.

RANGER TREE – lethal at a distance, Rangers seek higher ground and rain down destruction or fire powerful elemental shots across the battlefield to stun and cripple foes. Honing their skills can upgrade them to Hunters with the ability to lay traps and dive bomb unsuspecting troops using their animal companion, or Reavers who dispatch their foes with a well-placed stab and then disappear into clouds of smoke.

APOTHECARY TREE – the resident mad scientist, mixing special brews that restore the weak to health or burn whole swaths of the battlefield in explosive acid. Apothecaries can upgrade to Monks that chain together rapid punches and channel arcane energies to heal and harm, or Shamans who can manipulate the forces of life and death or sacrifice their allies to damage foes.


  • Explore the Land – Travel through the vast and beautiful landscape of Arcadia, battling across dozens of maps including ancient ruins, seaside villages, snow-capped mountains, and verdant forests.
  • Engage in Strategic Battles – Utilize 150+ unique combat skills to shift the tides of the battlefield. Deploy tactical traps, use magic to buff your soldiers’ abilities, and exploit your enemies’ weaknesses to gain victory.
  • Rally the Troops – Build an army from 12 different classes; customize their mastery across 25 unique skill trees; and arm them with weapons, armor, and powerful accessories to amplify their abilities.
  • Experience the Masterpiece – Enjoy the exquisite ambiance of Arcadia with an inspired jazz-infused soundtrack and detailed art nouveau-style character portraits.
  • Discover the Epic Narrative – As fates intertwine, the heart-wrenching stories of Vashti, Desmond, and all of Arcadia unfold in this rich tale of war and magic across 70+ unique campaign encounters.
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